BRYCK Applications

Optimize how you capture, create, store and move content

Gain Full control of Data Transfer

Match the high resolution, mature streaming needs for reality shows, metaverse and digital platforms where digital world can be drawn into a physical one with high capacity of up to 1Petabyte to store, locally analyze and efficiently move data from edge to cloud/data center

Accelerate Analytics

Transfer large volumes of data on-set to cloud/datacenter within a few hours with blazing fast I/O architecture at 40GB/s throughput in absence of network, eliminating data vulnerability to outages or security breaches.

Multiuser Management driven Parallel Processing

Experience multiple user access postproduction through faster throughput and system’s ability to support more than one process at a time, thus significantly reducing processing time by enabling multiple media workflows.

Cloud agnostic data movement

Move your data anytime, anywhere via modern compute system design for transparent integration from edge to cloud / datacenter embedded with NAS technology that enables data access and file sharing across a heterogeneous client and server environment.

Easy to Move: On top of storage facilities, transport data up to 1PB nationally / internationally via hot-pluggable swappable device cost-effectively through common shipping partners.

Flexible Subscription

Deploy the solution into existing infrastructure with utmost transparency at flexible pay per use basis and easily scale it as the need for data grows.