BRYCK Applications

Harness powerful data integration, careful modelling and secure deployment to cloud and data warehouses

Securely Transport data over large distances

Overcome difficulties of capturing and moving critical big data in far edge locations, including harsh environments with MIL-STD architecture designed to operate at elevated temperatures, exhibit higher tolerances and adhere to more stringent measures of quality control.

Accelerate Time-critical decision-making

Retrieve related and unrelated information timely and with ease, from field along with quick analysis at high I/O speed that shall enhance informed decision making, crucial for government to meet and improve mission requirements.

Capacity to withstand large data

Encompass the data being constantly generated by military vehicles, drones, weather sensors, CCTVs, satellites, personnel records and intelligence about other countries’ in compact form factor that has the ability to contain, receive and hold information upwards up to 1PB

Keep Costs from getting out of control

Replace the huge costs and security risks associated with high-speed WAN connections that takes multiple days for data transfer with enhanced efficiency of few hours thus helping in timely decisions in regulated budget.