BRYCK Applications

Build the fastest and least expensive auto driven method to one’s home and office with predictive insights

Real Time Data Collection / Efficient Data Handling

Capture all details of video, radar, lidar & sensor data generated per hour and handled by the system at any instant in the light-weight compact form factor that makes it easily deployable in next-gen automated vehicles with capacity upward to 1PB

Reduce Processing Time

The plug-n-play capability enables instant movement of data through direct ingestion and integration with Data Acquisition Units thus dramatically reducing the fleet data processing time within 1 week.

Accelerate Data Analytics

Fast data transfer with I/O speed of 40 GB/s yields quick access and data analysis thus ensuring improved personalized automation, efficiently connecting customers to their cars through automated predictive insights.

Effortless Physical Data Transport

Easily migrate big data to the cloud with swap and shuttle feature to quickly transfer data captured in between trips to Data Acquisition units and reduce the idle time needed for data transfer.

Superior Freight Logistics

Enable point to point, reliable, low-cost freight capacity as a service while setting a new standard for safety and fuel efficiency with data workflow being transferred in timely manner for continuous bulk data shifts.