BRYCK Applications

Move massive amount of sensitive data with quick turnaround time

Balanced SWaP Design

With reduced Size, Weight and Power design, meet the most important goals for new electronic systems, no matter the application. Led by strict minimum SWaP requirements for airborne, shipboard, terrestrial, and portable system designs, experience better performance than larger systems operating at higher power levels.

Rugged and portable

Escape the physical and environmental challenges like vibration and shock while capturing data in flight operation. The MIL-STD architecture is designed to operate at elevated temperatures, exhibit high tolerance and adhere to more stringent measures of quality control.

Safer and Smarter Solution for Security & Surveillance

Record, analyze and archive massive amounts of critical data from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors at full line rates without interruption with capacity of up to 1 PB thus making the world safer through loss prevention, access control, and other forms of physical security.

Reduce Turnaround time to Minutes

Achieve close-to mastery in turnaround time efficiency with swap and shuttle system available to quickly transport data captured in between flights to ground data center thus keeping the planes grounded for as short as possible enabling an extra flight operation each day, potentially increasing the revenues by tens of thousands of dollars.T

Minimize risk, maximize performance

Ensure improved efficiency with high performance flight data analysis and high-speed data access in the absence of network connectivity with tamper resistance, safe storage.