Sahil Chawla

Born in a village near Nagpur, Sahil Chawla pursued his Bachelor’s in Engineering and Computer Science from a renowned college in Nagpur (India) and began his career in an IT firm in Pune (India).  Before long, he quit that job to start his own tech innovation company called Tsecond in  2014.  Under Sahil’s leadership, the E-funnel was invented, an electronic fluid gauging system that measures any quantum of fluid flowing through it. By 2019, E-funnel had earned a Berne Convention copyright, a U.S. patent, multiple awards for excellence in innovation, a partnership with India’s largest IoT manufacturing company, and million-dollar funding in FDI. In 2020, Tsecond expanded its wings to the Global Electronics Hub: the Silicon Valley, through the foundation of Tsecond Inc. (USA). The goal is to develop technologies that reimagine how enterprises and organizations activate big data to drive insights and innovation.  In 2021, Tsecond Inc. closed its $4.6M Series A funding round consisting of both venture and angel investments. It has also has been listed among the best startups at Collision Conference and featured in the Top 20 Most Promising Hardware Start-ups in India by Silicon India Magazine.

Sahil lives and breathes innovation. This lifelong passion can be summed up in a line he wrote to himself while still in high school: “While the past is experience, the present is an investment to live the dreams seen in the future.

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