Ramesh Singh

Ramesh Singh is the Co-founder and Board Member at Tsecond. He is an experienced investor, advisor, board member, and serial entrepreneur with over 40 years in the IT and technology industry. Starting his career as an engineer and eventually building his own companies, he has significant industry experience understanding product development, execution of company strategies, building strong teams, and creating returns for investors.

Ramesh has spent much of his career involved with image processing, video processing, and building semiconductor solutions in leading-edge markets. He has built strong technical and execution teams in every company he has been a part of, and these teams continue to work with him today. His passion for vision processing with compute functionality drives him to continue investing his energies in seeking the next silicon solution which can drive the targeted market.

His operational experience is the foundation for his success. Starting his career as an engineer with Rockwell International, he spent much time with RF and control systems solutions. He transitioned to application and technical sales with Chips & Technologies, a leading-edge fabless semiconductor company on the PC market. As the GPU market started capturing sockets in the mid-1990s, Ramesh joined S3, a major leader of GPU technology, where he held executive and management positions. The major shift to mobile devices in the late 1990s led to the founding of MediaQ. MediaQ, founded by Ramesh and co-founders in May 1997, was a fabless semiconductor company providing leading-edge multimedia camera-enabled solutions for the handheld market. MediaQ was acquired by NVIDIA in 2003 for its low-power image and video processing solutions. With the adoption of imaging solutions for the many camera applications, Ramesh started Nethra Imaging to deliver a family of image processing solutions. Nethra delivered varying-level image processing solutions from the mobile products all the way up to the digital cinema camera solutions. Nethra was eventually acquired by Imagination Technologies in 2012 for its image processing IP and vision products. After establishing a much-needed silicon-focused strategy in Imagination leveraging the vast IP portfolio, Ramesh left Imagination 2015 to focus on next-generation vision/AI/ML edge-compute solutions. His passion for semiconductor solutions drove him to address the next wave of technological advancements.

His vast experience in the industry has helped deploy innovative technologies and products in the early days of mobile communications, computational imaging and vision, and video markets. This experience in multiple industries allows understanding the operational requirements in creating successful companies while providing investors the returns they seek. Ramesh currently serves as an advisor and board member to multiple companies.
Ramesh holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kentucky.

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