Challenges of Data Migration

Enterprises with data-laden environments often struggle to capture and transfer the requisite data to maintain their operations. Financial considerations and the complexity of frequent data analysis and archival create a data migration crisis that isn’t easily solved.

Cloud Limitations

  • Cloud Provider Lock-in
  • Network throughput
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Geographically dispersed data

Insufficient Infrastructure

  • Delayed availability
  • Weak data security
  • Slow transfer speeds
  • High cost of data movement

Unpredictable Events Process

  • Improper resource provisioning
  • High capital expenditures
  • Random performance
  • Inconsistent timelines

of businesses use physical data transport/ migration solutions because data transfer over their networks could no longer keep up with capacity. -IDC

DataDart – Transform to seamless data migration

DataDart is a high-capacity data transport service that allows efficient, secure and network independent data migration. Streamline your data movement by integrating the vendor-agnostic DataDart with your existing storage solutions.

Assess your Needs

  • Data Volume
  • Timeframe
  • Source location
  • Preferred public cloud region

Optimize with BRYCK®

DataDart determines your migration requirements and ships the BRYCK Platform.

Upload your Data

Once received, easily upload your data onto the BRYCK platform.

Strategic Shipment

Ship the BRYCK to nearby TSecond Data Center co-located within Equinix.

Effortless Data Transfer

Equinix receives the BRYCK and initiates data transfer to your cloud environment.

Return and Reuse

Once migration is complete, the BRYCK is securely erased and returned.

Learn more about the migration processes to/from any of the leading cloud providers utilizing Equinix Infrastructure with DataDart. In partnership with AWS, Google and Microsoft.

Enable Fast and Secure data
capture and movement with
optimized service plans

Flexible : With seamless vendor-agnostic integration and data optimization, the DataDart is ideal for moving data between the cloud, edge, or data center. Flexible subscription and rental options ensure data transportation is easy, and budget-friendly.

Efficient : The DataDart provides unparalleled transfer speeds and on-demand capacity scaling through the BRYCK platform, making it ideal for one-time or ongoing data migration needs of an enterprise. By moving petabytes of data in a matter of day, the Data Dart reduces the costs associated with data migration massively.

Secure : DataDart is powered by the rugged, portable and tamper-proof BRYCK platform. By eliminating the network dependencies, DataDart ensures your data remains safe during transportation and uploads quickly upon arrival.

Available Service Plans


  • Up to 1PB export storage amount
  • 30 rental days
  • Up to 1PB export storage amount


  • Up to 5PB export capacity
  • 30 rental days

Build your own an

  • Capacity
  • Number of days


  • Up to 10PB export capacity
  • 30 rental days
  • Up to 10PB export capacity an


Build your own

  • Select capacity
  • Specify no. of device
  • Opt-in for recurring subscription
  • Any additional details

Build your own

  • Capacity

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