Advancing Technology every Second Through Innovation

We use advanced technology to improve lives, led by serial entrepreneurs experienced in data storage, semi-conductors, and image processing. Our solutions optimize data collection for faster analysis and action, honoring those who dream up possibilities and manage the data mountain.

Our mission is to create technology solutions
that help enterprises innovate

  • Capture, manage, protect and store massive amounts of unstructured or semi-structured data
  • Quickly move and process data generated at any edge
  • Enable enterprises and organizations to derive actionable insights for real-time decision making

How we Work

We believe our past is our wisdom, and our present is our investment to live the dreams we see for our Future.

Always learning

We have an attitude of openness, eagerness and a lack of preconceptions when it comes to new ideas and approaches.


We tackle new challenges with a positive and courageous attitude.

Honor each other

We treat others with dignity, communicate to include, and seek to understand and respond with courtesy and curiosity.


We boldly affirm that we can all contribute to creating breakthroughs that uplift life and work and have a significant impact on the world. 

Sahil Chawla
Co-founder and CEO
Manavalan Krishnan
Co-founder and CTO
Ramesh Singh
Co-Founder and Board Member
Jay Chopde
Chief Growth Officer
Michael Lohnert
Partner, AEI HorizonX
Pranav Joshi
Director, Finance & Strategy